Far-field Voice Acquisition Technology for Ambient Voice Interfaces

You want to control your smart home, electronic devices or personal assistants by voice from anywhere in the room? You want to communicate freely in ambient noise?

ambisone is the leading OEM independent technology provider of custom far-field voice acquisition and multi-channel beamforming technology for your product.

Our world-class speech source localisation, acoustic multi-channel beamforming  and de-reverberation technologies for crystal clear voice signal acquisition are offered for embedded solutions and with comprehensive design-in services. Whether voice communication or voice control - ambisone technology deliveres a natural and clean speech signal to your chosen voice service. Even cocktail parties, harsh industrial or utility vehicle environments are no longer a limitation to communication and clear voice transmission.

Use your voice anywhere in the room for ambient interaction

Based on our technologies, we create far-field voice acquisition modules which enable robust and crystal-clear communication under all environmental conditions. We support the greatest possible freedom in product design and create early product previews using our simulation environment.

Voice enabled products integrate smoothly into offices and homes without the need to carry remote controls everywhere you go. ambia, our embedded far-field voice processor, generates one or multiple super signals to be transmitted to voice services of your choice. ambia is connected to your smartphone or PC by wireless link. The ambia app is the gateway to an arbitrary voice or AI service. This embedded design guarantees the independence of your personal communication and data privacy.

Comparison of our technology

We believe to have the most advanced technology in the world. Please judge on your own using this comparison of our own technology to a 2016 version of Amazon's Echo device.

What are the advantages of ambisone?

For the hands-free use of modern voice and AI services you need devices like Amazon Echo, Google Home or Apple Home Pod. The hands-free use of smartphone voice services or smart home voice control in an arbitrary environment is not possible without additional devices. So, the user is bound to a specific "ecosystem".

Ambisone provides brand independent voice acquisition technology to create voice user interfaces for IoT, smart home applications, personal assistants and speech communication.

ambia is the prototype of a brand-independent voice acquisition device for smartphones. It allows the seamless and comfortable use of all cloud based voice and AI services and works as hands-free telephony unit. It fits to any smartphone brand, selects and enhances any speech source in a room and provides natural and purified speech streams to the smartphone application. Thus, speech services and excellent speech communication can be used in an unrivaled speech quality.