About us

Our vision is to interact with our environment by voice, as we have done for thousands of years with our fellow human beings.
In the future, however, this will affect not only people but also technology: the control of our Smart Home and our devices, the services provided to us by our smartphones, personal assistants, based on AI technologies, which are supposed to complete tasks on our behalf. This, of course, will also change the way we communicate with people, make calls or communicate in the house.

Based on our technologies, we create natural language interfaces that discreetly integrate into the room and enable robust and crystal-clear communication under all environmental conditions. Our algorithms allow the greatest possible freedom in product design. Realistic and reliable product previews can be created at an early stage using our simulation environment. Our far-field voice enhancement technology generates one or multiple "super signals", which can be transmitted to any voice service. Our embedded design guarantees the independence of the personal communication and data privacy.

We are OEM-independent and offer our technologies to partners and customers world-wide. As a German company we adhere to high standards of quality and excellence.